Friday, January 14, 2011

friday photos

Still catching up from the holidays.

For his first Christmas, Genghis got to partake in my family's long-standing and ... unique ... tradition of wearing holiday-patterned bibs for Christmas Eve dinner. And when I say long-standing, I mean Abe and I both own our own adult-size bibs for the occasion. My favorite part is always when Mom forgets to take off her bib until she goes to bed that night.

Christmas morning gifts.

I could hardly take this photo, I was laughing so much.

A quiet moment with Grandma.


Mary said...

That pictures is hilarious! So much I want to go take one like that for Max!

Rita said...

I love the sweatshirt you are wearing in acknowledgement of your true blue!

Rachel said...

I love the bath photo! He looks like he's about to blast off into space.

Janssen said...

That bathtub picture made me laugh outloud.

candice said...

That little man sure has expressive eyes!

Dawn said...

So cute! He's growing up so fast!