Sunday, June 20, 2010

weathering storms

My parents came out for Memorial Day weekend. We spent one beautiful day sailing on a small lake just off of Lake Michigan. I had made the executive decision earlier in the week when reserving the sail boat that, between Abe's boy scout sailing merit badge and my dad's days as a young man building his own catamaran, that they had enough combined experience to handle a 6-person, 18-ft sail boat.

I was mostly right. Once we figured out that we should never, ever, ever get the boat near the shallows we did pretty well. It was hard not have a good time when the weather was pretty much perfect all day.

Here we are on a different day, stuck in the primitive world of charcoal grilling. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. You can see us attempting to keep the coals going under a light drizzle, and then our flight from the park back home (partially warmed hamburger patties were carried on Abe's lap), and our final dinner on the screened in patio.


Rachel said...

It looks like you had a really fun weekend! Dan wants to learn how to sail someday - maybe with some help from Abe and your dad he can get the basics down.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Great pictures! I'm impressed that you guys attempted grilling in that weather!

Dawn said...

I'm impressed you can sail such a big sailboat! Glad you had fun with your folks!