Thursday, June 3, 2010

if i have to nest, i'm doing it my way (i.e. this post contains a list)

I would have posted my last Italy installment (Venice: Coming Soon!) but our desktop, including its hard drive with all our photos on it, is unplugged in the middle of our office. Along with all the other office furniture. Add in the unscrewed light switch panels, masking tape borders, and 3 drop cloths and it can only mean one thing:

Good bye second bedroom/office space, hello nursery!

We're painting the walls a warm Tuscan Yellow (okay, the actual paint chip is called Corn Muffin, which I find completely uninspiring - see post on Tuscany for our intended effect). Furniture will be Indian Summer (orange-red) or white. Cloths (bedding, curtains, rocking chair cover) will be Sage Green with some of the yellows and oranges patterned in.

Several weeks ago, we put Plan: Baby Readiness into action when we went yard sale shopping for baby things. We scored a glider rocking chair, baby Bjorn carrier, playard/travel crib, and Peg Perego stroller for $115. On an impulse, I also bought a bike. For myself.

Then the ripple effect began.

1. Clean out garage to make room for the bike.
2. Move office stuff into middle of baby room and then paint.
3. Put baby stuff in baby room.
4. Move office stuff into magical holding place while clearing out junk in the bedroom nook to make room for office stuff.
5. Organize junk and put into various logical places in the kitchen, baby room, bedroom and garage to maximize easy access and minimize space.
6. Get office stuff out of magical holding place and put into bedroom nook that is now the office.
7. Beautify the baby room with coordinating colors so baby grows up in a nurturing and stimulating environment.
8. Clean out garage again because there probably is no longer room for my new bike.

My back and my brain both hurt.


Janssen said...

We shall definitely need to come see this in person.

Also, well done on the yard sale scores!

Megan said...

I am going through your exact same phase. Except for the fact that our baby will grow up in a U of M themed nursery instead of an awe inspiring Tuscan one. Good luck with your list!

Dawn said...

Read the title of your blog and thought aloud..."Well of course there's a list!"

Sounds like a great baby room. Are you still in the same subleased condo? You can paint in there? That's cool!

Sounds like you have it all under coxntrol...remember to claim "pregnant" when it comes to lifting heavy stuff! Also hope your paint is low smell, whatever the technical name for that is, low VO something?