Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where the fishermen meet!

In my family, Saturdays always meant day trips in the family van. Which was no small thing (the van, I mean. We sported a 12-passenger Ford Club Wagon, like this one but baby blue and with curtains made of PVC piping and canvas).

One memorable trip was down the Lake Michigan coast of Wisconsin. Actually, I remember nothing about the trip, except that we stopped in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, for dinner. Mom really wanted a Saturday night fish boil, with fresh fish from the Great Lakes. Of course, none of us children remotely comprehended why this would be a better option than, say, McDonalds. But to a fresh fish boil we went.

And ended up at M&Ms, or perhaps MOMs -- the restaurant's logo was ambiguous, so we were never quite sure. Maybe we should have left when they sat us at a table that still had the previous diners' trash on and under it. But we didn't leave. After all, fish boil.

Mom ordered her fish and we all got something with fries. But even the fries weren't a safe bet. They had a distinct yeasty taste. Being in Wisconsin, there was a strong possibility that they were deep fried in beer. We added more ketchup, but the yeast taste got worse. Then we realized the ketchup bottle was marked with an expiration that pre-dated my birth.

It didn't help that I had ordered a kiddie-sized milkshake (we're a "I'll just start with a water" family, so I knew Mom and Dad wouldn't take a full shake well). The shake came in a shot glass-size paper cup that I managed to stretch out to 2 spoon fulls.

M&Ms/MOMs has always been something of a joke to us since. My family moved away from Wisconsin about 13 years ago, and (to their surprise and ours) my parents moved back about 2 years. In between, Dad was on a business trip there and ended up in Two Rivers. He bought a black logo truckers hat from M&Ms/MOMs for me.

And this weekend, I finally found the perfect venue to wear it at.

Demolition Derby! The Michigan state championship, no less, held at the Saline Fair. My friend Elizabeth invited us, and, as she says, if you haven't gone, you should go because "it's a lot more fun than it should be".

Some footage:

Generally, what happens at a demolition derby.

Note the dirt flying at us.

Captioning: "He's got the rear end shoved up in the sheet metal." And just which one of these cars might you be talking about, sir?

They also had a truck heat.

In my M&Ms/MOMs hat.

p.s. I actually found M&Ms/MOMs website, and confirmed the name. M&Ms Lunch and Catering. Catering?! Their slogan: "Come and eat where the fishermen meet!"


Sarah said...

Their little logo guy looks suspiciously like an m&m.

Erin said...

Yes. And it seems like a lot of risk of trademark violation for a brand image that may not really be the best for a fish restaurant to begin with. Unless people usually crave M&Ms and white fish at the same time...

amydear said...

What a great story! Nice hat. We did a rodeo this summer and felt decidedly out of place.

Megan said...

Love your outfit. I am sure that you fit right in with the crowd in your hat.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I love the videos!! The demolition derby really is So much fun. I don't know what it says about me that I like it so much. I don't think I want to know.

Dawn said...

Cute story! Hope you and your family went out to eat after the M&M meal, for something that wasn't quite so gross! :) Nice hat...hair is getting LONG!

Mamacita said...

What a coincidence! Just yesterday we were planning what to see and do when your Olsen Aunts and Uncles are here next week, and that was the first thing that popped into our minds--Two Rivers and M&Ms. We'll HAVE to go now that it carried such memories for you! Maybe they'll still have that ketchup.

Jaime said...

Big blue to little blue!!

Mamacita said...

I just noticed that M&Ms has a "retro" T-shirt for sale. I'm going for sure next week.... you need that T-shirt!

Dave said...

Aren't demolition derbies a blast? Margaret and I went to one in Tooele a few years back and had a great time. Bright lights, country music, and Utah Teen Dairy Queen* throwing T-Shirts to the kids, ah it had it all. And, best of all, it ended with a gorgeous lightening storm. Looks like you had a fairly nice sunset to complement the destruction as well.

*a teen dairy Queen is like a beauty queen but she completes with farm skills as well as prettiness. It results in a more husky, cute rather than sexy, kind of pretty.

Oh, and as concerns ketchup bottles at restaurants: apparently most restaurants of the M?M variety buy Heinz once and then refill with the cheapest red tinted paste they can find. So the good news is that you probably weren't eating spoiled extra fancy ketchup. The bad news is that you were probably eating spoiled flour paste with red dye #2.