Saturday, September 12, 2009

Toronto Days 3 & 4

The last of my Toronto series.

Saturday we went to lunch at Spring Rolls with the BYU political science crew. Good food, lacking in service. They forgot to bring desserts until we remembered, which was right before we had to go. They gave us 10% off gift cards good between 2-5 and 8:30-10:00 weekdays. So, next time we're in Toronto...

I walked around the farmer's market, then headed to the harbour front, where I sat in the grass reading The Pelican Brief and lost track of all time.

Abe & I met up again. CN Tower in the background. Tallest tower in the world, before DuBai beat them last year.

In the evening we went to High Park to see The Tempest performed outside. It was wonderful. Though by the time we got back it was 10:30 and we hadn't eaten. We made a wrong turn off the subway and ended up walking nowhere towards food. We finally landed at our hotel (photo above) and got sandwiches from Tim Hortons across the street.

Tim Hortons in the morning - we had to go back for donuts.

Eating donuts in traffic. We got 2 chocolate glaze, Boston cream, strawberry jelly with white frosting glaze, strawberry jelly powdered, and Canadian maple (also with cream). Boston cream was a clear winner, with Canadian maple coming in at a close second.

In traffic, for 1.5 hours just getting out of Toronto. I prefer seeing the city by foot.


Sarah said...

Tim Hortons!! Nice choice.

Jen said...

What a fun trip, you saw so much stuff!! Way to be an adventurer.

Dawn said...

We like taking the train, either from Windsor or from Sarnia Canada, cause you just don't need a car in Toronto!

Erin said...

The train's a great idea! We had to pay something like $75 for parking - just to have our car sit there for 4 days. So a train might be a fun way to go.