Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sketch to the Finish Line

I came across a wonderfully fun web application called Odosketch.

It simulates using a sketch pad, and is really quite realistic. You can choose from a palette of colors, and the speed of your sketching determines how rough/fine the lines come out (took me a while to figure that out...).

I did this sketch using the mouse pad on my laptop (not recommended). It's a rough representation of me (the maroon blob) streaking through the finish line of the 5K race I ran this morning.

Visit this link for a larger image.

Yes, I did say 5K. No, I do not run. I have not run for several years. Abe & I decided to do this race purely because of peer pressure.

We went on a 2-ish mile practice run Monday night. Neither of us was seriously injured (although the next day we both came down with bad colds from which we are still recovering - I blame the run), so we went through with the race today. Again, no injuries, though I am moving quite sluggishly now. In fact, I am not moving at all, right now.

Encouraged by my fellow racers and Abe yelling for me to "Bid! Bid!" at the finish line (bidding is diving in Ultimate), I came in a few seconds over 25 minutes.


Amy said...

I love your artistic rendering of the experience :). I'm glad you and Abe joined us all!

Dawn said...

I think your art is frame worthy! And as for the 5K? I used to "run" and NEVER beat 30 minutes, so CONGRATS!!

Dawn said...

ps: I've just started looking at the art cool, you can click on someone's art and it recreates itself, which allows you to see how they did the work! COOL! And I haven't even tried to do any myself yet.

Mary said...

I would love to learn how to make one... do you have a pictures of one?