Monday, August 31, 2009

How Far Does the Apple Fall From the Tree?

I recently returned from a round robin of family reunions. They were all ... completely different. I will attempt to recreate them here.

Reunion #1
Title: A Redneck Family Reunion
Location: Family Farm, Plymouth, Utah (Just south of idaho and north of nowhere. It's okay, no one else has heard of it either)
Events: Flag raising ceremony, farm fix-up projects, mud pit volleyball, arm pit band contest, pond tubing with 4-wheelers, pond slide (tarp + tires), cardboard box and duct tape pinata
Highlights: Uncle Cory's false teeth and mullet, caravan of aunts' and uncles' outfits to the backyard turned KOA, sudden tornado that blew awning plus various relatives across the lawn and spiraled an air mattress several stories into the air

Mud volleyball

Abe & I after mud volleyball.

Gray hitting redneck pinata.

Matriarch of the clan.

And, of course, the annual Sister Act. Mom, you said no YouTube, but you didn't say anything about blogs...

Reunion #2
Title: Gong Family Reunion 2009
Location: Spring Haven Lodge, Hobblecreek Canyon, Utah. "Spring Haven Lodge, located in the serene mountains east of Springville, is a rustic yet refined retreat for those looking to enjoy classic elegance." (from their website)
Events: Something I'd Like to Share: a presentation followed by Q&A of your life updates (powerpoint available upon advance request), photo sharing and paste up, games in the gymnasium
Highlights: Dinner featuring ingredients such as fresh basil, avocado, or hand-pulled pork; re-creation of the past 20+ years of family reunions from memory; after hours cousins games of improv; fueled by chocolate milk and chips and salsa

Family hike. Surprisingly, I have no photos of the powerpoint presentations.

Reunion #3
Title: Lindsay Reunion
Location: Park City, Utah
Events: eating, sleeping, playing board games, swimming, riding the Alpine Slide,
Highlights: Playing board games, eating, sleeping (in that order)

Said board games.

Real pinata.

With Grandma on ski lift to Alpine Slide.

A reminder that Utah can be beautiful.


Chelsea said...

Nice to see your Grandma, what a lovely lady, and what a great memory visiting her farm was!

Jared and Delia said...

I want to play mud volleyball too! How fuN!

Rachel said...

This is hilarious. Thanks for posting the video - I somehow missed that performance. Great stuff!

Dawn said...

I'm exhausted, and I only READ about the reunions! Glad you had fun! Now back to work young lady!

Dawn said...

PS: Really like the photo of you and grandma!