Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blog Forecast for July and August: Mostly Photos, Slight Chance of Video, Deeply Stimulating Discussion Unlikely

Summer vacation is in full swing, and we finally purchased a new camera, which means my usually thought-provoking entries will be replaced by lengthy slideshows documenting how much fun I'm having not thinking.

We start this summer photo series with last weekend's main sports event. My sister and her family were in town for the regional art fair. Although I don't have any photos of that, I do have some great shots of us playing Disc Golf. I can't recall a time visiting my sister and not playing some kind of disc sport. Last weekend was no exception.

Abe and I bought 6 new Disc Golf discs, which was a big step for us, as we have hitherto been exclusive Ultimate players.

My niece, Amelia, and I both have great form.

How my other niece, Elsa, went through most of the 9 holes.

Our new camera has a sports action setting that takes multiple shots seconds apart. The resulting filmstrips are small on screen, but worth enlarging.

My sister, Sarah, clearly has a laid-back, controlled style.

Quite unlike Ben, her husband.

Amelia is well on her way.

Abe has a great start.

But needs to work on his end game.


Dawn said...

Very cool. Where did you play?

Sarah said...

While we timed our trip to be there for the art fair, the main event was, of course, hanging out with you guys. Thanks for a great weekend. Those disc golf pictures are great.

Dave said...

I love the look of Abe's disappointment as the Frisbee falls to the ground. Hilarious! Tragedy really is the best comedy.