Friday, January 2, 2009

a year in review

The New Year was off to a rocky start yesterday morning with a bad batch of raspberry waffles. How can raspberry waffles possibly go bad? Let's just say I like a challenge.

I recovered by spending the entire day in my pajamas.

And now for your reading pleasure, a review of 2008, in my words, as it happened. Direct from the Journal of Erin:

January 3 "We walked to the bus stop together. It was nice to have pleasant company when it was 12 degrees outside."

January 16 "I just couldn't communicate what seemed so obviously wrong with our plan."

February 4 "I've felt a little out of control lately."

March 4 "Snowstorm tonight."

March 22 "My birthday today. Abe threw me a surprise party. I screamed and fell over the couch when everyone yelled surprise. I was not expecting that."

April 14 "In other good news, I may have a good internship in Maryland this summer."

April 17 "I didn't get the internship."

May 12 "Now we're back from Israel, graduation is done, jet lag is wearing off, and I'm getting over a nasty cough. I'm starting my job hunt, and we're moving in a few weeks. To add one final complication, Abe was just called to be the 2nd counselor in the singles ward."

June 11 "Idleness is a difficult burden. Maybe if I make a long enough list of possible projects it will help me find something to do."

August 25 "August went by in a hurry. not because I've been very busy, I can tell you that. Still no job."

September 8 "The job search is coming just as well as it always has. Slow. But I remain hopeful."

September 17 "Life updates: I've had a dead toenail on my big toe, sort of halfway stuck on there, for 4 months now."

October 7 "I tried deep breathing - luckily I've been practicing yoga for the past 3 weeks - and that helped."

October 17 "In the midst of trying to find my place in life, and do something meaningful, I want to remember that probably the most meaningful things I do will have nothing to do with my job."

Oct 22 "On Friday I start work."

Nov 30 "I never want to go shopping again."

Dec 12 "I'm feeling mediocre about things overall, but maybe that's just a side effect." [Note: this entry was written in the morning. By the end of the day I was in the ER.]

Dec 25 "Merry Christmas!"

(for more edibles from my journals past, see the dreams post.)


Dawn said...

This was very cool! Cool that you kept a journal, and cool the comments you chose to share, which allowed us a vision of your life, incomplete, but still very descriptive.

Brittany said...

Love the post, it was both fun and cute! You inspired me to journal more so for Christmas Brad got me a beautiful journal and I'm actually using it! Let's hope I continue to do so. Glad to hear you're recovering well.