Thursday, January 8, 2009

a nod to my november pledge to carpe every winter diem this state throws my way

I shovelled snow today for the first time this winter season. (Thank you $200ish of association fees ... I guess).

It was at the community center where I work, not my driveway.

And it was perfect shovelling conditions. Bright, sunny morning. No wind. 3-4 inches of snow - enough to make it worth it, but not enough to make your back hurt. And the walkway I had to tackle was only 3 feet wide and 12 feet long. 10 minutes, tops. Imagine picking out a new color of paint for your living room, dipping your roller brush into the freshly poured paint tray, and applying about a dozen long, deep strokes to the walls. And then being done.


amydear said...

My one attempt at shoveling snow this winter was without a snow shovel. I used a garden rake and a push broom. Didn't work. Glad you had a delightful time.

Dawn said...

Nice to know someone is enjoying the snow! :) It is pretty...