Thursday, January 16, 2014


The real results of our passport photo extravaganza was an amazing trip over Christmas to Hong Kong and Nepal to visit Abe's family. All of the immediate family gathered to celebrate Abe's dad's 60th birthday. It was also our first time to see where his parents have been living for the last few years.

A few travel stats from the trip:
- 13 days
- 8 airplanes
- 65 hours in airports or on airplanes. For our family of 5 that multiplies out to 325 hours or 13 1/2 days.
- Travel by airplane, taxi, train, double-decker bus, ferry, ox cart, canoe, and elephant.
- 16,000 miles traveled, give or take.

And, some photos from Hong Kong. Credit: most of these are courtesy of Abe's dad, who is an excellent photographer!

Streets of Hong Kong.

Building where parents live. Check out the sweet circular picture window at the top! 

Birthday dinner! 


In the days that followed, we were so grateful for the ipad mini Christmas gift. 

Isis at her adorable best. 

Xena waiting to pounce on prawns. 

 Lots of random sleep time.

 Stanley market.

With kids in tow. 


Megan said...

That is such a cool trip!

Dawn said...

Amazing trip. Must have been exhausting though with 3 children. Can't imagine. Still..what a great experience! Great photos too!

little red hen said...

WOW! And I love your hair!