Monday, August 19, 2013

this post is really just about the photos

When I venture out with my brood of 3, ages 3 and under, people usually tell me I am either very brave or very busy. More appropriate adjectives might include the following: tired, insane, easily brought to tears, envious, or crazed and possibly dangerous.

Today at the playground I met a grandmother who told me she had 4, ages 3 and under: the 3 year old, a set of 1 year old twins, and a newborn. It was such a relief to realize things actually could be harder. I asked how she got through it. She thought for a moment and then said she had no idea - it was all a blur.

And somewhere between dragging the 3 of them to the doctor's office for Isis's check up, coming home and trying to feed all 3 of them at once, and then wondering at 8:30pm if I should get something to eat myself, I realized that she is 100% right. Later in life I may have no clear memory of this time period. And that may not be a bad thing.

Cynicism aside, each of our three kids is awesome. Here are long overdue photos of each of them.

Isis. Now 1 month.

Xena. Almost 18 months.

Genghis. Just turned 3.


Dawn said...

Your children are all beautiful! My Mom had 4 kids under the age of 5. She did the best she could and we had a great time together. We still have a great time together. But we all have memories of those times that my Mom didn't remember at all! :)

Jen said...

You are an amazing mom!! Your three littles are very loved. Cute pictures, I can't wait to see your family again (hopefully soon).

Cheeky Candid Contemplations said...

I love these pictures. I wish I was there to come play with them. Remember you are awesome. From me.

Chelsea said...

I love this post, very well said.