Tuesday, March 26, 2013

that is so 23 weeks ago

So I've been behind on a lot of things. One of which is mentioning that when I get dressed in the morning, I put on something that looks like this:

Answers to questions you may or may not want to ask:
1. I'm due in July.
2. Genghis will turn 3 years old a week or two afterward.
3. We characterize our emotional reaction to this development as "surprised excitement".
4. It's a girl.
5. While we love all of our children, we strongly hope that she continues Xena's legacy as "most calm and agreeable baby in the universe".
6. I'm feeling pretty well. Physically, things are just starting to get difficult. I almost threw the lasagna at Abe the other day when he told Genghis to sit down at the dinner table like Mommy, and demonstrated by grunting his way into his chair. Emotionally, things have been more difficult that in past pregnancies. I usually feel like my normal self, but sometimes get pretty low (manifesting itself in lots of anger toward Abe, frustration with children, and sobbing while doing the dishes).
7. We have grand plans to fit all 3 children in our sedan.
8. I may or may not be considering how to turn our walk-in pantry into a nursery.
9. I may or may not be considering selling all of my maternity clothes after July.


Whitehead Family Fun said...

Congrats! I have to say though I kind of know how you feel. Having three kids three and under is hard (Joshua was though 3 1/2 when the third was born). And the whole emotional part is the reason why I may never get pregnant again either. I'm glad that I am not the only crazy emotional pregnant lady :) Good luck!

Megan said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. I give you permission to sell all of your maternity clothes (since you really needed that). When we recently moved I found my maternity box and realized that I kept maybe 8 things from my last pregnancy. I think that I was just really sick of everything.
That is so awesome that Xena is calm and agreeable. I hope my future children also continue in her legacy as well.

Dawn said...

Oh sweetie! Consider throwing the lasagna when no one is around. It might feel good. But congratulations as well! She will be an amazing addition!

jolene said...

You crack me up, Erin. I think you are AMAZING!!!

Shalissa said...

Congratulations!! I'm so grateful for the unexpected scheduling of my kids now that I see their personalities and school timing, etc.

Tip I learned: when pregnant or sleepy, if I suddenly have to move quickly or lift something heavy, (like every night and all day long!) it requires adrenaline because blood sugar is not as immediately available. The after effect of adrenaine (up to 20 minutes later) is the "fight or flight" feeling.

I say this because I learned that at least half of the time, my anger at kids/hubby/world wasn't a manifestation of my spiritual disposition as much as a raw physical response to exertion. It was then easier to outlast the feelings and not get depressed.

You sould like you're doing a great job of responding with humor and philosophical grace! You'll do great!

And I'm utterly serious when I say that angels will help you.

Anna said...

Congratulations! This post cracked me up and made me wince in sympathy at the same time.

FYI we managed to put three car seats into our Corolla. I went to to BabiesRUs and played Tetris with the car seats until it worked.

Lasagna throwing is completely acceptable and I support it in every way.

candice said...

Wow!! Congratulations! Give it 5 or 6 years and you'll be patting yourself on the back for having the kids so close in age. ;)