Wednesday, October 24, 2012

published book!

Check it out! I published a fully illustrated alphabet book, Alphamuse, and it's available on Amazon.

In 2010, I ran a blog where people could submit alliterative sentences for each letter of the alphabet. I then illustrated winning letters with colorful construction paper cutouts and created a 26-page book. This fall, I published the book through Amazon's self-publishing vendor, CreateSpace.

So now, anyone can buy a copy of Alphamuse through Amazon and receive a printed paperback version in the mail.

I'm so excited, I just have to use multiple exclamation points!!!!!

... !!!!!!! ...

You can even do the "look inside" preview through Amazon to see a few of the pages.

Now I'm going to go stare at my Amazon page again in amazement.


Megan said...

How cool! How did you guys do the illustrations?

Erin Gong said...

I designed the illustrations and then made them with construction paper cutouts glued together. Then I photographed them and used the images to make the book.

Mary said...

You are amazing - Just bought a copy

Dawn said...


little red hen said...

Erin, this is so cool. What talent. You are so inspiring!