Friday, August 3, 2012

friday photos

Genghis celebrated his second birthday this week. It's been sort of a rolling celebration. Gifts one night, cake the next, and ice cream tonight. Unfortunately, that order of events meant that he covered his new birthday clothes in ice cream. But who wants to give a kid ice cream in a cup?

Note the ice cream cone in the last photo in this series: I think that's the cone dripping at the bottom, not ice cream.

Also, after eating a gigantic cupcake just before bed yesterday, Genghis woke up several times in the night asking for milk. I swear he was being paid to run an ad campaign.

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Dawn said...

Ice cream in a cup? No way! the BEST PART is the ice cream running down your fingers as you try to keep up. You only get ice cream in a CUP when you're OLD!!