Friday, February 24, 2012

friday photos - documentation of the memoir week

For this week's Friday Photos, I thought I'd do a photo wrap-up of my "week in the life of Erin" series that I did from Tuesday, February 14, to Monday, February 20.

Tuesday, February 14 (see the entry here)
Genghis and play mate enjoying "yummy" and "yucky" snow, represectively.

Wednesday, February 15 (see the entry here)
Genghis helps me with morning deep cleaning.

Saturday, February 18 (see the entry here)
Purchase 40 baby hangers at Target to organize the baby's new closet in our bathroom. Things to note:
1. This is a bathroom
2. Labels for clothing sections
3. Rigged up shelves to a 90 degree angle using nothing but pipe cleaners in order to turn them into hanging rods for the clothes.

Monday, February 20 (see the entry here)
Buy a shopping cart overflowing with pantry items to stock up before the baby comes.
Haul items in from the car, while Genghis pleads desperately for a banana.

Arrange items in hall closet. Again, note the labels. I'm particularly proud of this labeling system because it references the actual location of items in the kitchen. So if you run out of something in the kitchen, you look it up by location in the pantry to see if we have more. The only problem is that sack of potatoes, which is neither an "Oat, Oil, Vinegar: cupboard above the sink, right" nor a "Condiment: fridge" but lives there because it's the only place it fits. Maybe I should make it its own label.


Kristin McElderry said...

I love Genghis's hat! I love that you have written and photo documentation :)

Dawn said...

Is this nesting? Or just you. :)