Monday, January 9, 2012

oh, the things we do

Several months ago I received 3 bins of baby clothes from a friend. I knew we were really having a baby girl when I did a full load of laundry today that was just pinks and reds. And that was just for sizes 0-6 months.

Genghis was extremely helpful in today's project of sorting baby clothes. He has been very interested in putting things into boxes and then taking them out again. I think he spends, over the course of a day, about 45-60 minutes taking all of his small plastic animals out of their bag and placing them all in various locations around the room - on the bookshelf, in the storage compartment of his train, on the chair. A grosser version of this ritual is when he takes all of his food out of his bowl at dinner time and stuffs it into his cup holder, then tries to balance the cup on top.

So while I was sorting clothes today, I was able to give Genghis a pile of clothes of a certain size and gender and he dutifully put them all in the tub for me. It was quite efficient, partly because he helped put the clothes away and partly because I didn't bother to do any folding because, well, it was a 17-month old who was handling the clothes.

Really, though, I've always felt a little silly folding onesies that have less fabric to them than a dishcloth.

But not as silly as I felt tonight when Abe and I were teaching Genghis how to do the actions to "Once There Was a Snowman" (hands over our heads in a snowball shape, growing taller and taller and then shrinking smaller and smaller when we melt) and I realized that we were fully facing our front room windows. From the outside, you could get a great view of us, but Genghis was totally out of sight.


Megan said...

He is going to be such a good big brother. That is awesome that you already have him helping you with chores.

Akit said...

It's good to be having such a helping hand specially in baby clothes and it really needs .Anyway enjoy them .

Jen said...

Your neighbors probably just figured you and Abe were doing some rarely seen form or yoga.

Sherry said...

This post made me laugh.

Ike also loves to move things from where they go to where they don't go, but he rarely puts things back. That isn't to say that he empties things and scatters them all around the floor. He does that sometimes. But mostly he'll take clothes out of his dirty clothes basket and put them under the bathroom sink, or on a bookshelf, or on the shelf with his diapers.

One day our children will have to meet and be friends.