Sunday, December 4, 2011

friday photos

We were apparently too busy making and eating delicious food to take any good Thanksgiving photos. My parents came into town for a few days, and Genghis loved having their undivided attention. We spent Thanksgiving day with them and with some good friends.

Genghis spent most of Thanksgiving dinner chasing this cat.

My dad, the food scientists (specializing in dairy and cheese), trying out some of Zingerman's offerings. Still looking for Parmesan that doesn't have a dirty feet/baby spit up aftertaste.

Mom got sick the last day she was here, but put on a bold face.

We had our first real snow this week. After many tears and kicks, we got Genghis bundled up and headed out for a few minutes. He was wary of the snow, especially after falling hands first in it without gloves. I think I'll put him through a regimen of indoor boot training for the next 2 weeks. He couldn't stay standing in his (let alone walk), so we had to go with regular shoes which soaked through pretty quickly.


Elizabeth Downie said...

I love the picture of him in the snow - adorable! They're all pretty cute though! :)

Andrea said...

Loved seeing your parents Erin! And your cute son :) Seems like life is well for you I hope. Hadn't been on your blog for awhile and just saw that you are getting ready for #2 - congrats! Very exciting!! - Andrea

Dawn said...

He looks pretty happy to be in his soaked shoes in the snow! Hope your Mom feels better now! And that your Dad finds the perfect cheese!