Friday, September 16, 2011

friday photos

I love this series of "people trying to do fun things with Genghis while he pointedly ignores them". Followed by a photo of him contentedly playing on his own.

One-year-old Genghis is introverted. While he loves to smile at and babble to and pull hair of other kids when they're around, he gets his energy from solitary, introspective activities. One morning after a nap, he sat and read in the corner for 45 minutes. I was reading too, and got bored first.

Cousin with Genghis on a tractor at Grandma's farm. You can't see his expression unless you click to zoom in, but it's wonderful. (Genghis: "I am way too small to be anywhere near this thing.")

Riding ponies at Bay Beach in Green Bay. (Genghis: "What is that smell?")

Grandpa playing with Genghis at the park. (Genghis: "Seahorses are undignified.")

Reading at home in the afternoon. (Genghis: "Mother, can't you see I'm reading?")


Megan said...

That is awesome that you can read when the baby is awake. I love all of his facial expressions.

Dawn said...

He's so grown up!