Tuesday, May 3, 2011

friday photos

It's Tuesday. Should I even bother? (Yes! Genghis's adoring public cries out.)

Okay, but first I have to show you our Easter Bunny Cake. The Easter Bunny Cake is my family's long-standing tradition that I have heretofore eschewed. Usually because I forget when Easter is each year. This year we ramped up our celebrations (more to come on that in a later post) and I threw in the Bunny Cake partly because of nostalgia, partly because I was afraid my sister would disown me if I didn't at least make an effort.

Historically, the Easter Bunny Cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and bunnies crafted from marshmallows lining the sides like little sugary soldiers. But I made a red velvet cake with white cream cheese frosting, so we had to dip our bunny marshmallows in chocolate, which is a lot harder than it looks, so we only had the energy for 2 bunnies laying down on top.

As a nod to authenticity, I put the bunnies on a bed of coconut died green (tradition has the bed of coconut on top with jelly beans in it, like Easter eggs in grass).

This had the unintended and unfortunate consequence of making our bunnies look like they were just laid to rest in a Bunny Graveyard. Oh well.

And now on to Genghis. Playing with plants in the morning sunlight.


Jen said...

Hooray for the bunny cake! My oven was broken over Easter and I couldn't make one this year. Thanks for the Genghis photos, I love to see him any day of the week!

Rita said...

Oh, Erin. That bunny cake is far from tradition. I hope one of your siblings made the "traditional" one.... Sarah? Steph?... Dan? - Jen, hope your oven is back in order.

Weezie said...

The lyrics that immediately come to mind:

Now the day being gone and the night coming on
Those two little babies sat under a stone
They sobbed and they sighed, they sat there and cried
Those two little babies they laid down and died

...which, I suppose is Easter-esk if you consider their eventual resurrection.

(When Erin and I were discussing Easter cake tradition we were hard pressed to identify the symbolism of the Easter cake until she suggested putting 12 bunnies around the perimeter... :D)