Saturday, November 6, 2010

remember when it was halloween?

Before it gets ridiculously late, here is my Halloween costume from 2010.

Inspired by Wallace & Gromit's "Feathers McGraw", a sinister penguin who disguises himself as a chicken.

I made the rooster cap and the feet out of old sweaters. The beak is felt, I've got a nylon on my head, and I'm wearing Abe's bathrobe. I love Halloween!

Perhaps even more cool than my costume, though, is the blog I stumbled upon while finding the Feathers McGraw poster. The photo I posted comes from blogger Jessica B.,, who makes bento boxes based on various themes and book characters. A bento box is a traditionally Japanese lunch tray of assorted foods (Check out the wikipedia article). Jessica's work is amazing. The link I posted features a sandwich in the shape of Wallace & Grommit. She has also done Hunger Games, Twilight, Where the Wild Things Are, and more.


Jessica B. said...

Wow, your costume is awesome! And thanks for linking to my blog :)

Chelsea said...

Ah! This costume is super fantastic! Makes me smile.

Jen said...

I can't even express how much I love your costume!!!

Jamie miles said...

Looks like them Arizona bird trying to pass off as Foster brand chicken, except better looking, matter fact you do pass as a cailf. bird LOL