Wednesday, January 20, 2010

things this snowman might be doing

1. down dog
2. succumbing to winter
3. seeing if he can still touch his toes, after all these years
4. checking his fly
5. preparing for a forward tuck
6. hanging his head in shame
7. saying, "augh - my back! my back!"
8. shimmying
9. navel gazing
10. walking into a stiff wind
11. meeting the Queen
12. checking his feet to see if he stepped in dog poo
13. holding up the world
14. sprouting angel wings


Chelsea said...

very Calvinesque, I like it.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! What in the world?! I go for #2 (succumbing to winter) or #13 (holding up the world). Too funny.

mspaze31 said...

Haha great picture Erin!

Janssen said...

That is hilariously awesome. Also, that is a lot of snow.

Margaret said...

I suppose even suggesting it is Muslim snowman would be sacrilegious. Well captured, Erin!

Delia said...

That is so funny! I love your list of what it could be. Clever.