Monday, November 16, 2009


Over Halloween weekend, I met up with my mom, 3 sisters, and sister-in-law in Vancouver, Canada. We flew into Seattle and drove up, taking enormous pleasure in answering the border guard's question of "Where are you from?" with "Virginia, - Michigan, Wisconsin, and Utah - plus our other sister who's already at the hotel is from Arizona!"

One of my favorite things to do is order from a menu. So my first documentation from this trip is all the food choices I made while there. More reflections to come later.

Thursday evening. Dinner at Joe Fortes Seafood. It was highly recommended and delicious. After careful deliberation between white fish and salmon, I realized that what I really wanted were prawns.

Friday afternoon. Early dinner in Gas Town. We hadn't eaten all day and were reaching desperation. I said pizza sounded good, we went to the first Italian place we saw, everyone ordered pizza and I got pasta, soup and salad.

Late Friday. Crepes downtown while watching various costumed college students and a homeless man with a fat, white, pet rat. My crepe was filled with dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

Later Friday. Cupcakes from a shop we stopped at while walking home in a downpour. Red velvet, pumpkin, chocolate diva ...

Saturday afternoon. Shrimp and noodles from Chinatown. Taken with a refreshing glass of hot water.

Late Saturday afternoon. BBQ pork bun snack at Queen Victoria Garden (bought earlier in Chinatown). This may have been my only regretted food choice. Someone BBQ pork just wasn't the thing for a light sunset snack.

Saturday night. Dinner at Vij's, top-rated Indian restaurant. We arrived 20 minutes before opening and were one of the last groups to get a seat before they were full (closely avoided a 1 1/2 hr wait). We shared lamb popsicles (fully cooked and warm) the best saag paneer and lentils I've ever had, and several other dishes I can't remember. I ate until I was full, and then ate for about 15 more minutes and still wanted more.


Janssen said...

I love food. You may know that about me.

Looks like a great trip!

Sarah Black said...

I like the picture of us in front of Vij's. We all look like we're a little camera shy.

Sarah Black said...

Also, Stephanie is pinching me.

Dawn said...

I just thought you were all COLD in front of Vij's! Wonderful trip. How many sisters do you have?

Jen said...

Aah, a nice glass of hot water. Erin, you're a fun person to dine with. This is the first time I knew of you passion for menu's. And... you know what I'm thinking standing there in front of Vij's.

Matt said...

You'll have to hit the Fritz European Fry House if you go there again. I get cravings for their poutine quite regularly.

Jared and Delia said...

Those food pictures have my mouth salivating! That is so fun that you got to go do fun stuff with your family. It was cool to see your mom in those pictures. It is good to see that she is doing well. :)