Sunday, June 15, 2008

Prepare to feel squeamish

Like most people, I have had several inconvenient and uncomfortable run-ins with creepy, crawly things in my life. Like the time I was putting my shoes on to go to church and my bare toes crunched into a dead cockroach lodged in the toe of my shoe. Or the time I shared my bed with a scorpion (ouch!).

Well, last night as I was laying down in bed, I felt something tickle my back underneath my undershirt. I thought it was probably just the shirt fabric, but then it tickled again, and then I felt a little pinch, and THEN I yelped and slapped at my back. When I shook my shirt, several long, feathery legs fell to the sheets. I looked at the inside of my shirt and saw THIS, squashed up.

A house centipede. The creepiest house-dwelling thing known to man. Crawling around my back for who knows how long, now smushed up in my undershirt with its thousand legs scattered across my bed sheets.



Ieva said...

Oh, my Gosh!
But picture is good! ;)

Megan said...

Gross! Good thing you are moving out soon.

Jen said...

very very disturbing

mama bear said...

I'm itching all over just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing, I hope you will be able to sleep without nightmares. Hope the new apartment is bug-free.
Kim B.

Maren Hansen said...

Oh, Erin, we've been gagging at those for 9 months now--they are SO DISGUSTING! We've actually been calling them spider crickets, and two nights ago I decided I better look them up and see what they really are (after seeing a HUGE one scuttle from under my scrapbook stuff...). I think I'm supposed to like them because they are predators of other insects, but I didn't know they BITE! I'm so grossed out--I hope you never see one again... They are so common these old houses. :(